5 Alternatives to Cartoon HD App

Cartoon HD app is one of the popular apps which allow you to stream movie and TV shows online.

Though it is popular, it has some of the defects like video not found the error and not- responding error and many other problems it made difficult for the users to use it. So some of the other alternative app for Cartoon HD app is:

Bobby HD app

Bobby HD app is an application that entertains both the user and his family. It has a ton of movie and TV shows which comes for free. You can stream all the movies with high quality. It has a unique feature that is absent in the Cartoon HD app. Its interface is as good as cartoon HD application.


  1. Its search engine is  very powerful
  2. It is available in both app store and play store.


it has a lot of pop-up add  

Crackle app

It is one of application which has more than 20 million downloads on the play store. When compared to other apps it is quite popular. It has both cartoons and another program which are available in HD. It is entirely free for both on the app store and play store. It is very close to Cartoon HD thus it is considered as the best advantage.


1.Quality of the videos which is excellent

  1. subtitle variety is high.

3.watch next option which makes it unique than others.


This application is a media player who is capable of playing videos that are available on the internet. It also has a live TV through which one can see what is happening in the world right now. This app is approved and still remains in the app store. Through this one can watch channels like BBC, Disney Channel, hang am, etc


  1. It has vast library of films & cartoon shows
  2. It has good interface


  1. When compared to cartoon HD it has bad interface
  2. HD videos have some flaws in it.

Terrarium TV app

Terrarium TV app is applications which allow you to both watch and stream movies and TV shows at 1080p HD for absolutely free of cost. Its server is very fast when compared to all the servers.


1.terrarium TV is only one app which allows you to download all your videos

2.it has excellent genre selection

3.it support TV connectivity


The app contains a lot of bugs and developer struggling to fix it.

Popcorn time

The popcorn time is so called as the torrent of Netflix is available for both android and ios. In this application, you can easily download or stream all the movies and TV series. It also has a vast collection of films in its library. It is very straightforward and fast when compared most of the film-streaming apps.


  1.    It interfaces is accessible as cartoon HD, and it has regional language too.
  2.    Since it supports local language, it has a lot of subtitles, and it is easy to download.
  3.    If you have smart TV, this app gives a chance to connect your phone and TV


  1.    The quality if some of the films are poor
  2.    It crashes as much as the carton HD app

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